Saturday, September 03, 2005

SMS من سويسرا

في الاسبوع الماضي اصدقائي طلعوا على سويسرا كم يوم ، وكل يوم بيجيني منهم رسائل على الموبايل بيخبروني فيها شو عم يعملو او وين صارو ، لنكون على اتصال على طول ونطمئن على بعض او يمكن لحتى يجاكروني :)
على كل انا مشتقلهم و مبسوط بالرسائل اللي عميرسلوها و عم انتظرها على طول و راح دونهم هون للذكرى


HI it's me.
on our way to Lugano near Italy.
Everything's great!
How are you doing?



Back, at Zurich.
great day but extremely tired.
Crossed to Italy :)


Let's say I just love shopping!


Bonjouno :)
we're on way to Fribourg to spend the day with ELias.
wheather is beautiful,
life is good!
Love Switzerland!

Just boarded the train, going back to Zurich.
Had a lovely time.ate fondue

on our way to Bern and then Lusanne We're staying there 3 days,
I mean in the same hotel :-) but we will be going in those 3 days to Interlaken and Geneve :-)
you know me, can't stay in the same place for long :-)
How about you, No news?

Attending a Jazz festival in Bern :-)

Having dinner on the lake, opposite me is Evian in France.. Wow..
What a view!
Today is our 7th .....



I'm walking in Lusanne..

Getting to know the place:)


I just woke up. It's 7:20 here.

we're going up to have breakfast and i'm not sure what next.

It rained all night.. Amazing!

In the Train, going to Interlaken.
I'm so sleepy but will not sleep :)

I've already consumed 2 memory cards: 256 Mb and 1 Gb :)

On the way back to Zurich.
I'm so fucking tierd.
ALready been on 2 Taxis. 4 Trains, and a horse today.
and i still have to change 1 more Train to get to the hotel

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Ahmed Shokeir said...

It seems that they are enjoying their time overthere..!!
It looks a good idea to write down these SMSs for future